We provide a modern form of fat reduction and weight loss with Coolsculpting technology. Coolsculpting works by reducing stubborn fat pockets through a process that freezes them away.

Coolsculpting is a scientifically proven method of reducing fat in the abdomen, under the chin, or flanks in sometimes a single session. More on How Whittier Coolsculpting Works?

Utilizing the powerful Harmony XL® laser for NIR skin tightening treatments, we provide med spa customers from Whittier and surrounding regions like Cerritos, Buena Park, to Anaheim, professional, fast, and efficient med spa services.

NIR stands for Near Infared, which is a proven treatment where IR light penetrates the skin, applies heat, that then helps promote clustering of collagen fibers to one another. In other words - tightening!

NIR is a non evasive service that will result in younger, smoother, tighter looking skin.