Best Botox Near Whittier

Get the best Botox® Injectables services in Whittier at South Bay Med Spa, a top 10% Allergan provider of injectables.

Botox® – By stopping muscle contraction in the injected area, wrinkles are able to relax/soften. Most used for crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, & frown lines. more on Botox® Near Whittier.

Juvederm “Family” of Lip & Dermal Fillers

South Bay Med Spa is an experienced Juvederm provider since 2012.

The Juvederm Family of dermal fillers are used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles/folds, like the lines from your nose to your mouth edges. Juvederm Family Services near Whittier.

Juvederm Ultra® – primary form of Juvederm, popular & proven with anti-aging, wrinkle, skin restoration of facial volume, & lip, cheek, contour enhancements.

Juvederm Ultra Plus®like ultra,, fills lips, adds volume to fill mouth & nose folds/wrinkles with more packed in than Juvederm ultra.

Juvederm Vollure XC® can be used as an injectable for wrinkles, anti-aging, restoring facial volume, and enhancing cheeks and lips.

Juvederm Voluma XC®used as an injectable to treat aging spots, wrinkles, add volume to the face like cheekbones, jawline, and other shaping.

Juvederm Volbella XC®used as a facial injectable, for aging, wrinkles, restoration of face volume, & lip enhancements.


Best Dysport Near Whittier

Treat yourself to a Dysport treatment in Whittier at South Bay Med Spa.

Dysport® – Significant reduction of lines between eyebrows. Results tend to show sooner, whereas Botox may last further. Best Dysport Services.

Restylane Injections Near Me

The Restylane® Family – Fills lips, adds volume to fill mouth & nose folds/wrinkles. Learn more about Restylane Services.
Restylane L®Lips, Nasal folds, Cheeks, Marionette lines below mouth, Chin, Jaw, Earlobes. Enhanced cheek bones, jawline, shape / contour face.

Restylane Refyne®Wrinkle removal, facial volume restoration, Lip enhancement, provides a more hydrated look to lips.  Smoothing upper/lower lip lines, enhanced cheek bones, & enhanced jawlines.

Restylane Defyne®Anti aging, wrinkle removal, & volume restoration that occurs with age. Treat lips, cheek bones,  jawline, & temples.

Restylane Silk®Hydrates lips, smooth out wrinkles & indented scars in cheeks, face/hands. Shape/contour face to enhance desired features.

Restylane Lyft®Enhance Lips, Nasal folds, Cheeks, Marionette lines, Chin, Jaw, & Earlobes. Contour Cheek bones, jawline, & desired parts of face.

Radiesse Injectables Near Me

Find Radiesse Services here at SBMS of Whittier.

Radiesse – a cosmetic skin treatment used to fill specific parts of the face and hands. Stimulating the bodies natural ability to use collagen to treat and smoothen wrinkles. Radiesse® can also help your body produce more collagen along the way. More on Radiesse® Filler Treatment Near Whittier.