PRP Microneedling in Whittier:

Microneedling is a highly effective form of deep scar treatment. Bad scaring can take place anywhere on the body, some areas like the Face, Neck, Chest, & Legs can be more troublesome because of high visibility.

The Eclipse micro needling system is proven & effective. PRP injections can be used during microneedling to further help the healing & treatment process.

South Bay Med Spa provides skilled Micro-Needling services at our Whittier facility Mon-Sat. Average times vary, but can be in the minimum of 30 mins to maximum of 45 min range, depending on number of applications & areas.



Best Microneedling Treatment Areas:

Notice below the different body parts that are most commonly treated with Micro-Needling services.

  • Full Face  –  Forehead • Crows Feet • Nose • Cheeks • Upper Lip • Chin
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Stomach
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Butt
  • Body Scarring – any body part



The Benefits of Micro Needling:

As outlined above, there are multiple benefits to using Micro-Needling services throughout the body. With Microneedling people are interested in the full spectrum of advantages this scaring and anti-aging treatment provides:


  • Smoothen Uneven Skin Texture from Scars or Old pimples
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Improve Hyperpigmentation
  • Minimize Pores
  • Helps Facilitate Collagen Production
  • Increases Cellular Turnover to Create Fresh, New Skin Cells


Also see our other facility for Micro-Needling near Torrance.



If you’re near our Whittier office, you’ll never have to ask; “where’s the best prp micro needling near me?” again! CAll us for a Free Consultation on how Microneedling services can work best for you. 562-273-3337



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